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Join the Hive Global Community of 1900 purpose-driven leaders from 120 countries who are working on creating a better world and living lives of purpose.

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Hive has  developed a global alumni community of 1900 mission-driven CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs from 120 countries.Hive educates these high-level leaders on leadership, entrepreneurship, wellness, personal development, creativity, and social impact.


Hive builds lifelong community and inspiring events for extraordinary leaders from around the world. Through the Designing Your Life workshop, Hive leaders get clear on their purpose and plan for the next phase of their lives.


Hive has been hosted so far in San Francisco, Boston, Los Angeles, Abuja, Lagos, and Costa Rica. We will be hosting programs all over the world in 2018. We believe in transforming leaders who then work together on solving humanity’s greatest challenges. Join Us

Welcome to Hive

Four years ago, we asked ourselves the question, “why isn’t there a global community of extraordinary leaders and entrepreneurs working together on creating a better world?” It was what we wanted for ourselves.

Where was the support community for the round pegs in the square holes, the purpose-driven CEOs, the inventors, the healers, the reformers, the tireless entrepreneurs, and the activists, those working in the field, the impact investors, and the artists who cared? Where was the community that was with you no matter where you went in the world? Where was this community of diverse leaders who were committed to supporting each other throughout life’s ups and downs?

Well now there is. Welcome to Hive.

Hive is a global community of leaders, CEOS, co-founders, directors of agencies, professors, civil society practitioners, NGOS, community based organisations, government officials, policy makers, venture capitalist, investors, inventors, managing directors, executive directors, presidents of organizations and entrepreneurs who are working on creating a better world and are focused on building a platform that is convening and connecting the leaders who will re-imagine the 21st century and work together to create a happy, healthy, and sustainable world which is based around authentic community, global inclusion, and meaningful purpose.

The Hive Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 3-day immersive workshop on purpose, leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovation for leaders held in many locations around the world.

Alumni of the program become Hive Global Leaders and enter into a lifelong community of purpose-driven innovators working together on creating a better world while supporting each other in their careers. Over 1900 alumni from 120 countries have come through the Hive Global Leaders Program so far.

At Hive, we educate, inspire, transform and build community of leaders and entrepreneurs who are creating a more sustainable world. We operate an ecosystem of companies designed to serve and transform purpose driven leaders.

We have gathered from San Francisco, to Nigeria, Harvard, all with the purpose of building the world’s most impactful community of leaders. We are here to lift each other up towards the creation of a happy, healthy and sustainable world. We believe in the necessity of creating a world where everyone can live on purpose.

At our flagship event – the Hive Global Leaders Program – attendees spend three days collaborating and learning from accomplished peers from over 40 countries as well as local experts in mission aligned businesses, Silicon Valley technology, design thinking, social changers, entrepreneurship, and rapid prototyping.

Join Us at the Hive Global Leaders Program 

Dec 5-8, 2018  Lagos, Nigeria. 

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