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Hive is a community of 1000+ global leaders across 100 countries dedicated to creating a better world. Through the Hive Africa Global Leaders Program, Hive is convening and connecting CEOs, innovators, policy makers, executives, investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Register now for the Hive Africa Global Leaders Program in Lagos-Nigeria, October 25th to 28th, 2017.

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Who We Are

Hive is a global community of leaders and entrepreneurs who are working on creating a better world and are committed to doing something bigger than themselves.

Hive provides a world-class leadership, entrepreneurship, and innovative educational program for purpose-driven leaders.

We bring together CEOs, executives, rising managers, entrepreneurs, leaders, innovators, upcoming global leaders’, philanthropists, purpose driven students, policy makers, Intrapreneurs and so many more, people who are working to create a better world and  are solving humanity greatest challenges for a three-day educational workshop called the Hive Africa Global Leaders Program.

The Hive Africa Global Leaders Program (GLP) is a 3-day immersive rapid prototyped workshop on entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership, for purpose-driven leaders.

Alumni of this program become Hive Global Leaders and enter into the Hive global community of purpose-driven innovators who are working together on creating a better world while supporting each other in their careers.

Over 1000 alumni from 100 countries have come through the first ten Hive Global Leaders Programs held in San Francisco, CA USA.

Hive Africa is creating a community where everyone is being able to live, work, and learn and be in a community with the world’s leading innovators, inventors, and change makers who are actively working on building organizations and companies that are addressing humanity’s greatest challenges.


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